Stretch bug for images and video

Good morning team,

Last week I published my website and the intro page was scaling perfectly to the viewport. However, I noticed this week the intro page was not responsive the way it was before. As I went into the editor I noticed the stretched video was actually pushing past the viewport and all the content was moving with it. I’ve tried to show, scroll and hide in an attempt to fix it but it’s not working.

This is specifically tied to the stretched elements as it scales fine without it. Both images and videos are doing this when stretched.

Reference images. Image 01 - without stretched elements. Image 02 with added stretched elements.


I found out it’s actually expanding when I set the Section to “hide”.

So - Stretched elements bug when you “hide” overflow content on the section.

There’s also a random 78px bar underneath my section. My section is suppose to be 100vh so there shouldn’t be any extra space under the section. It goes away when I select hide, but it shouldn’t do this with 100vh regardless.

Thanks for your help!

@wixexpertagency Following up on this bug, any information on what this could be?