Stretched repeater doesn't fill grid row

I have a grid with three rows in my main section and set the first row to 80% vh. Now I want to stretch my repeater (list with three items) over the first row of my grid but I can’t make it work.

Thanks a lot for any help.

Hey @xdon , my guess is that the Repeater Items have a fixed min-height that should be removed in order to stretch the Repeater.

Hey Jonathan, thank you. But I think you mean max-height and max height is set to “None”. When I remove min-height (without content) the item collapses.

Ok, now when I set the min-h for an item too 27% I almost where I wanted to be (27x3=81 ; ), but I can’t understand why I can’t change the height of the whole repeater. : (

@xdon You can not change the repeater height because he needs to grow depending on the amount of the items. you can place the repeater inside a container and set some maximum height to the container and set the overflow to scroll.

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Was checking to see but think this is expected for the list view. Using the workaround you mentioned, using 26.7 (you can use decimal points for the measurement) helps to fit the 80VH of the top row in the grid. Alternatively, you can set up a one column grid or the solution mentioned above with a container to overflow and scroll.