Studio Hours - Custom eCommerce sites Recap: Questions and answers

Hey everyone!

Our latest Studio Hours was great - with JUST under 250 attendees joining to discuss eCommerce :astonished:. If you couldn’t make it but want to know what happened, you’ve come to the right place - this is the topic for you.

With an incredible number of attendees, we split the session in 2, the first with our product experts answering common questions, and the second in breakout rooms with the usual Studio Hours format.

Here’s what was discussed:

Will there be a way to customize the checkout experience without coding soon?

Yes! We’re working on the ability to customize the checkout form, allowing your clients to define and collect additional information for customers.

Additionally, you can add checkout apps to customize the experience. For example, Wix Tips, ReConcert Upsell & Cross Sel, Wix Checkout Requirements and more.

Are there plans to give complete checkout functionality that is seamless across all apps?

Yes - there is a project called ‘eComm as a Platform’ which means creating a seamless eComm experience across Wix apps. We’re also focusing on ‘Openness and Functionality’ which includes Checkout Templates, Customized forms, SPIs, APIs and much more!

Which advantages/disadvantages does Wix have compared to Shopify?

Wix allows clients to manage their sites quickly and efficiently, with advanced no-code capabilities. Additionally, we expose a range of APIs and SPIs that allow you to expand the out-of-the-box experience and meet the specific needs of your clients.

What customization options are available for product or category pages?

We recently created an entirely new product page for Wix Studio - built completely from scratch using Wix Blocks. This approach allows us to use other Wix components, like pro galleries and expose those components features to you.

You can design and customize almost every aspect of the design.

What shipping options does Wix provide and is it possible to extend it?

There are 3 categories of shipping options available - native to Wix, apps which extend those options, and Velo for a custom experience.

To extend the available options, you would use the Shipping rates SPI to add your own custom delivery method & rates logic.

Is it possible to add different delivery rates for different products?

It sure is!

Simple or gorgeous website, which do you prefer? Why is one better than the other?

eCommerce sites can be gorgeous and simple at the same time :). The site should look great for the brand, but should also be useable for conversion at the same time.

The site should look great for the brand’s perception but it should be usable for conversion at the same time.

How can you create two different stores on one website?

If the design of the site is totally different and it’s not just two different collections on one site, we’d recommend having 2 separate sites.

Can you set shipping to be by weight?

Yes - this is perfect for items that may vary in size. This Support article goes into more detail on how to achieve this - Wix Stores: Setting Up Shipping By Weight | Help Center |

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who joined us - it was great! And a thank you to the product experts who joined us to help ask all those questions.

Keep an eye out for our next Studio Hours session.