Has anyone successfully coded subpages with the code editor?

Hi M:

When you say sub pages what are you referring to exactly?

Can you provide an example or use case?


For example a "Destination* page that drops into countries such as “Italy, France, Spain” and then drops into cities like *Rome, Napes, Paris, Barcelona, etc. Do you know if Wix has the capacity to code these subpages?

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

Destination (main page)
France (subpage)
Paris (sub subpage)

Without the ability to create subpages my pages would be to numerous across the top of the website.

You can actually do that without code, just drag the pages on the menu as su did on your example above. You can only have up to 2 levels.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Currently I cannot create a sub subpage in Wix.

Hi M

It sounds like you need to be developing a set of referenced data collections that’s build into Master detail pages. You can do this using data collection references and dynamic pages

Simply create a countries data collection and a
Cities data collection. Add a country reference to each city row.

Then you can build your main destinations page which builds using a repeater from the countries data collection. Each country page can be a dynamic page that is a combination of data from the selected country row from the countries data collection and the related city rows can be a repeater using referenced rows in the cities data collection. Each selected city can be a dynamic page using the information from a selected city row.

Check this post also

This should get you started.


Hi Steve,
Have you managed to create sub subpages with the suggested method? It sounds as if it could work but I’m curious if you know for certain.
Thanks for your help!

Hi M

Here is an example page that uses the methodology:


Wow, you made that look simple Steve! I’m in Sedona this weekend but I’ll try it when I get back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what happens

If it helps you out please give it a Top Comment assignment :wink:

Hi Steve, I found the process to be complicated being that I haven’t seen these subpages in action before after creating them myself. Is this something that you’re able to do on my site and if so what would it cost?

Hi M
If you share your site’s URL I may be able to give you more specific feedback on what pages you have created.

Check my profile for how to contact me.