Suggestions for Sort/Order

Let me start by saying that I want to pull my hair out - I’ve tried so many things and am sure I’m missing something little.

Basically I just want my database to show up in a certain order. (They are press articles that need to show up with the newest first.) For some reason the items get jumbled when I import my .csv. What I did was delete that database and start over…this time I added a column of numbers (column 2) so that I could sort them in the database. Unfortunately, even after I get them in the right order on the database (in the sandbox and live), it isn’t translating to the live site.

Any suggestions?

Also, not all my items are showing… I’m missing probably 3/4 of them. I called Wix support and they directed me here.


The sort order for items on your page is controlled by the dataset, not the collection. This article has instructions for how to sort your dataset.

You also say not all your items are showing. Did you make sure to sync your sandbox collection with your live collection?

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Thank you so much SharonD! I knew it was something simple!

But yes, I synced sandbox with live… not sure why everything isn’t showing… sometimes even the lines between the items don’t show up…

I am also getting this error about the SDK property… I suspected that was related to the items that don’t have a valid URL… but maybe it’s something else?

There should be close to 200 entries and there are only 20.

Nevermind… just found it… in that dataset manager…where I can define how many items to show! Whoo! Thank you!
Any idea why the lines aren’t always showing up between items?

Hello, if i have more than 200 elements in the dataset, can i setup sorting filtering for the user to look for what he really needs? If i have a job posting dynamic page, the user has to scroll all the offers and cannot select what he wants… is it possible and how to add this feature to my page?