support video uploading a video player

I want wix to add supporting video uploading and a customizable video player to connect to the dataset. If this feature comes out it would boost my website by 100%


Happy to share video player APIs are rolling out alongside a new player component. Stay tuned.

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Nice to hear that from you Wix team. As from last few months video player was not working fine but after this update it would work fine I hope. Due to problem I started watching videos on Youtube but it also show some error message Youtube not working so I again came back to you and after reading your message now I will stay here.

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Hi Danielle, do you have an ETA for this? Or are you able to share?

Am I able to embed videojs or jw player into my site now?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to quickly let you know that the new single video player has now fully rolled out to the editor and it’s fully Wix Code compatible!

You can enable it to loop or autoplay (on mute) on both desktop and mobile and design it the way you like. When using it with Wix Code you can also use the play/pause functions, trigger time based actions and use it in repeaters to build any video page layout your like.

If you built anything with it or just have some feedback, we really want to hear!
*Stay tuned / Coming up: The ability to play any video URL in the same player, inc. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or any source you like :slight_smile:

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Would I be able to connect this to a database and then also be able to upload a video without using the wix editor, also can I change the color of the player and add a logo to the video player and add a play/pause button in the middle of the video player?

I guess this is new.
But what is up with this mute on autoplay thing?!!
Why? Why shouldn’t it be an option?
I’m sorry, but it kills my whole vision for my website. Very frustrating.
I may have to go elsewhere for hosting just based on this alone.
Can there be a workaround? Like “automute false” Please?
Thank you!

Ps, how can I connect the player to a dataset?

@james-rondon-jr Hey, yes you can add videos from any URL’s, we are rolling out this function as we speak :slight_smile: re the colors, play button and logo - not yet but this is great feedback we will definitely want add those later on. For now can can control the colors of the overlay and text.

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Hey Scott, the autoplay on mute is a browser restriction, it’s already rolling out to most browsers. If the video will not play on mute then it will not play at all so for now we had to take this decision.

Hello again Scrott, you can connect the player to a dataset the same way as any other component, just click the dataset icon and select the relevant collection you want to connect.

@idanf could I get an example of how to do that?

Thanks for sharing. Is there any chance that Wix Video will be connectable to datasets and collections anytime soon?

Hey Jim, it might take a few months but eventually yes :slight_smile: will keep you updated.


  1. Add a field type as URL

  1. Connect video source to that field

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@idanf it didn’t work unfortunately, I tried uploading from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook url

@james-rondon-jr yes those don’t work yet, but they will in the future. For now we only support URL’s of uploaded files like those hosted in Amazon…

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@idanf I’m trying to do something so simple as this:

export function button3_click(event) {
$w(‘#videoPlayer1’).src = “wix:video://v1/ccb4e2_806f24ef157844388d5cfb92bf7deb39/videotest.mp4#posterUri=ccb4e2_806f24ef157844388d5cfb92bf7deb39f001.jpg&posterWidth=960&posterHeight=540”;

IN CHROME DEV TOOLS gives me this error when I click the button

The video poster is working as you can see on this picture

I uploaded 2 videos:



both are giving the same error

Are these URLs wrong?

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I‘m Definitely interested in this, one quick question are you trying to preview the upload before it’s uploaded onto the dynamic page?