Swipe Repeater

I have a question:
wix allow you to turn normal repeaters into sliding repeaters?
Something similar to the one on the Amazon site.

Normaly i would say now…

Yes wix gives you such an opertunity → but on EDITOR-X.
On editor-X you can choose between 3 or 4 different behaviour-modes.

In the normal editor don’t offer you such an opertunity.

I also have had a situation where i wished to have a fixed repeater-window, but with a scrolling function inside. But this options is also not given → so i searched for a workaround and generated my own version of repeater, which did work for me.

So the same for you. You will have to generate your own special repeater-function.
And if not possible → You can switch and use an → CUSTOM-ELEMEMT, where you can generate your own new REPEATER, with all the features you want (if you have a → PREMIUM-ACCOUNT).

But wait, i once have seen a very interessting REPEATER-PROTOTYPE-VERSION, created by a very creative and skilled coder → “Yvervoort”, which perhaps could be similar to your needs… take a look at this one…


Tricky working left and right directed REPEATER-SLIDING!

Sorry, i think i was wrong → this example was created on editor-X.
But surely there are still some possibilities how to get your wished function.