Tab Multi-State Box code functions non-functional?

I notice there’s a lot of documentation covering the Tabs element, however I don’t believe any of the event handlers are connected with the element. Though I am able to code interactivity with elements placed inside of the Tab element, I can’t seem to interact with the Tab element itself at all. For example:

// button1 is rendered on a secondary tab "Endings"

export function button1_click(){ // return user to first tab
    $w("#tabElement").changeTab("Selected Act");

The console.log function will run, as the exported function is proper. No problems there… However, the Tab element doesn’t respond to the same handlers or properties explained in the documentation. In fact, the Editor claims the Tab element is a different element entirely, a Hidden Collapsed Element… Is there something I am doing wrong or is this an issue I should inquire further about?

From what you have shared, this behavior may be a bug and if you would like further investigation I suggest opening an issue with customer care