Taking payment and linking order #

Hello, I am working on a website currently where I have three products. A 6 pack, 12 pack, and a 24 pack. These packs have a custom set of items based of the customers selection so orders will not be the same. This information is stored in a database on wix that I have created with a order # tied to the selection of items in the pack based off the customers selection. I am not using the shops api because this website would not work with it. I am in need of a buy button of some type that I can tie my order number into in any way, the price of the products will always be the same if that makes things easier.

The wix buy button looks to have very little room for customization with just a name and price of a product with no way to set this by calling the button. Will I need to create my own buy button or is there a way I can add customization to items to tie my order # into the transaction. If I do need to create the buy button how should I go about this?