The cms system cannot set the font style. Upload element menu is not available

The font style cannot be set in window mode for the rich text function of CMS. The Quick Upload button does not work either.

WIX Editor

Please tell me how to use the setup function properly. Because it affects the efficiency of the work. It is very annoying not to be able to set font styles in cases where there is a lot of text.

I’ve commented on a local exchange forum and was told that this is a technical problem. I’ve tried clearing browsing cookies, file history, caching. cms editor still doesn’t work!

I hope this can be resolved, thank you!

As far as I know the format of rich text input is by default the font type/size as it is set for style paragraph 2 and cannot be changed. In case you don’t use style paragraph 2 so far, you could change it to meet your needs.