🤯 The stacked ordering of sections in the lower breakpoints is totally different than desktop view! HELP!

When clicking over to tablet and mobile view the arrangement of my sections is totally different than the desktop arrangement. It appears as if a card dealer has completely shuffled the deck. FML!!! How!? Why!? Is this normal, or is this a clear and obvious bug? There’s no possible way Editor X designed/allowed this to happen. Where’s the button that says, “Order sections to the same order as desktop view”?

yeah its not clear, but if you reshuffle them back it should work.

I guess it supports custom “section position” per breakpoint, but i don’t remember it ever stating that. Maybe its a bug?

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Hey @meowface-sam-ux!

Hopefully, you managed to reorder them in to the intended order using the layer panel. Going to reach out for some more info :slight_smile:

They agree it’s a bug :+1: