Transfer of Wordpress site to Wix?

Hi, I wanted to ask if it’s possible to transfer a wordpress site to wix. I work for a school and they have a wordpress site. Since, I am used to of using wix, I would want to transfer it to wix so please if anyone can guide me on the process and the possibilities. Thank You!

Hey :slight_smile: when it comes to bringing over blog posts you can follow this guide Wix Blog: Importing Blog Posts from WordPress to the Wix Blog | Help Center |

If you’re talking about the site itself, a redesign on Wix is in order.

Hope this helps! :blush:


I recently duplicated a wordpress theme using WIX tools, exactly as it appeared originally with only one small difference being the drop down navigation which is unable to customise font size, however all else was perfect. The time spent was well worth it as I don’t have to deal with a hosting provider or theme developers for tech support. Best of luck to you !

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Is there any link to a guide? Did you have to pay new subscription and domain fee?

I know about this but I want the whole website to be transferred. Thanks anyways! :slight_smile:

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Of course! :heart:

Yes, we had to create a new premium account but the domain transfer was automatic. Very simple. Any questions feel free to ask :wink: