Transfering Wix account to Editor X

A few months ago I’ve purchased a 2 year Business Unlimited plan for Wix. I’ve built a simple site which is being hosted on my domain through this plan.

After a few weeks of playing around with Wix I came across Editor X which seemed like a better platform. Since then I’ve built my new site in Editor X, thinking it would be possible to host my site on my domain. But when I’m trying change which site is being hosted on my domain, I’m forced to ‘upgrade’ to the Boost (€50/month) plan. I don’t get this, since I’m able to select the Launch plan for €24/month when I’m choosing a new plan without upgrading my already existing plan.

How does this work? Obviously I’m not planning on buying 2 plans, while only using 1 of them.


What’s even more frustrating is that they make it seem like it’s possible right here. This is at Editor X > Domains > Assign to a different site. After clicking ‘Assign’ is says '(my domain) wasn’t assigned to (my project) because of a technical issue on our end. Please wait a few seconds and try again. I’ve already tried this a few times today, but with no luck.

@adinderingel It’s been a year since I did this, so I suppose things may have changed, but I had the same issue with a client who had purchased a Wix plan, started to build a Wix site, gave up, and then hired us to build a replacement site in Editor X.

I had the same issue when I attempted to transfer her Wix plan, and I handled it by contacting support.

Support acknowledged that I couldn’t make the switch using the online system and they therefore involved the accounting people and handled it manually.

  1. They (or maybe I did this) established the new Editor X Premium Plan at the lowest price point.

  2. They cancelled the old Wix Plan.

  3. They credited my client with the pro rata value remaining in her old plan (eleven months).

  4. They (or maybe I did this) reassigned the domain to the new site.

Support was very helpful and managed all this within a few hours. I think it was new to them at the time, so they kept me informed by phone as they worked through it.

Hi Jim, thanks for helping out! An hour ago I contacted Wix support and they forwarded the issue to Editor X support. Hopefully they’ll solve my issue the same way.

Thanks for the update!