Transposing data from dataquery into table

I’m trying to pivot or transpose the data. I have a table with 3 fields: name, dates and status. I’m trying to display the information in a table showing the name in the first column, the list of dates across the top and status in the same row as the name.

My table:
Bob 1/1/2021 Booked
Bob 1/2/2021 Open
Bob 1/3/2021 Booked
Alice 1/1/2021 Booked
Alice 1/2/2021 Open
Alice 1/3/2021 Booked

Trying to look like this
1/1/2021 1/2/2021 1/3/2021
Bob Booked Open Booked
Alice Booked Open Booked

Is there any way in hell that this is possible with Wix code?

Ultimately I want the user to choose the start date and see the status of the next 14 days. I can do all the queries, just can’t figure out pivoting the data.

There is a special place in heaven for anyone that can help!:heart_eyes: