Trouble getting Wix close button to work correctly on mobile

I am currently challenged by this issue regarding the close button which closes the lightbox from the desktop view but does not close from the mobile view.

This is the screencast that further illustrates the trouble I am having in getting them to look and operate similarly and this is the actual page where the problem is occurring

Assistance is greatly appreciated here.

It might not be the problem but in your lightbox code be sure to revert the comment (with //) that you accidentally removed on line 1.

//Velo API Reference...

Thank you for telling me about that.

It didn’t solve the issue but I did correct that problem.

I see the problem now,
On your desktop editor the button to close the Lightbox has the id ‘#Button1’.
On the mobile editor you manually added another button with the id ‘#MobileButton1’.

You have to remove the mobile button from the mobile editor and use the same button as for the desktop editor. Maybe is hidden behind the text. If you cannot find the button in the mobile editor you can use the Layers tool (Tools>Layers) to spot it. After this you can manually place it where you want on the mobile version.