Trouble with mobile view open cart options. Very limited. Please help

Hello there!

On mobile view on my website, literally when viewing on a mobile, I am not enjoying how when I click on add to cart button for a product, that the site goes to the dedicated cart page. I really would much prefer the mobile site to act exactly like the desktop site. Which means, I would like that when add to cart button is pressed the quick view product selection pops up, and then when the product is selected and add to cart is pressed again, that the mini cart side view pops up.

The reason this is better is it allows the customer to easily continue shopping and allows them to just keep adding products to the cart without changing to a new page. It is way better.

For example open this on mobile, notice you can easily just keep adding products to the page.

Here is my questions:
Is this possible to get this desktop method of cart to work on my mobile site?
Can I somehow completely disable mobile mode?
Can I somehow get the quick view and mini cart to activate on mobile mode?

And a quick rant if you don’t mind:
As far as I can tell, Editor X break point system allows you to make a mobile friendly website anyway. So why does it suddenly have a new set of rules when the sites opened on a phone. How Editor X automatically makes things function differently on a mobile is really annoying and is causing me a lot of problems. Another is example is how on the phone you can’t have two products in a row. Yet when you collapse the desktop web browser to be phone sized it acts perfectly with two products per row, the quick view and mini cart operating perfectly, no weired colour issues (see my previous post). Wix allows mobile mode to be deactivated, how come editor x doesn’t seem to be able to? (and it would actually make way more sense for editor x to be able to do this) .


Hello, any ideas for resolution on this post?

@andrewt @Rob
Hello, do you guys have any suggestions for these questions? A fix for this would really help a lot

hey, @angusnorwoodau
for us to be able to assist you properly, I will create ticket on your behalf, so we will have enough time to investigate each question properly
once we will send the reply to you, we will duplicate it here, for general visibility

I believe some of the apps in the backend still function as adaptive for desktop and mobile so they function a little different on each breakpoint.

As for the disabling of the mobile mode, you can delete the breakpoints but since it needs to have a lower limit, it will start from 320 pixels and below:

Sounds great looking forward to hearing from

@Rob Hey there. I played around with deleting all of the breakpoints. But when I’m left with only one breakpoint (desktop), its just going to be impossible to cascade the elements down to a mobile size with only this one breakpoint. Getting the grids to go from horizontal on big screen down to veertical is kind of essential to make it all work.

Any other suggestions? All im trying to do is get the add to cart button to open the quick view, and then mini cart, rather than go to the didicated cart page on mobile mode. So yes I’m trying to get it to act like it does when it’s in desktop mode.

Getting a similar thing on my end regarding the Add to Cart button.

As brought up, I might not recommend deleting the breakpoints but did want to say you could have less breakpoints if needed.