Trying to create an item catalog from a collection with unique pages showing different categories.

I want to show various products from a catalog. It’s not a store, just an inventory with product descriptions and images. Currently I have all data in a collection with fields for product name, thumbnail images, preview descriptions, and full descriptions. Is it possible to populate a repeater based on an input field so I don’t need to make separate pages for every category? For example, if I were selling clothing I want to link to pages containing only tops, only bottoms, tee shirts, long sleeve shirts, and a page with all products. Would it be better to use Wix Stores and remove shop and member functionalities?


If you add a category field in your database collection of products and set each category for each product, you can create a query on a dynamic page that gets all the records of a specific category that is entered in an input field and assign the values to the elements in a repeater . This well populate all the products that are in a specific category into the repeater that is on your dynamic page .

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