Trying to Replicate "Dots as Thumbnails" on Site

Trying to replicate the “dots as thumbnails” image navigation feature found in the Wix Store standard product page “Sleek” Layout – on another static and/or dynamic page on my Wix website. Greatly appreciate any assistance or advice.

Thought this would be a standard option in the settings on a Wix slider or thumbnail gallery. But I cannot find it. There is currently a Wix gallery that has image thumbnails below the main image. However, I would like a cleaner design without the distracting images below the main image.

Have created an example website for this question to illustrate exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Ultimately, would like to have this “dots as thumbnails” on a dynamic page to navigate a single set of images. This will allow customer to cycle through 3-5 descriptive images of each product.

Here is an example website I created to illustrate this question for Wix Community:

Here is the working “dots as thumbnails” I am trying to re-create on another part of a Wix website:

Here is a dynamic page mock-up I am ultimately trying to use the “dots as thumbnails” feature in:

Really appreciate any advice or assistance!