Is it possible to create a dynamic product page image gallery that shows more than one photo in a slider or main image/thumbnail gallery?

Trying to create a dynamic page for over 100 products. Each of these products need to have 4-5 images to accurately describe them to customers. In the regular Wix Store product pages, you can have these images as thumbnails to then click on to cycle through the various images of the same product.

However, I cannot figure out how to create a dynamic page gallery (such as a slider gallery with five images) that does this. When I add multiple images for same product in content manager data fields (i.e. Image 001; Image 002; Image 003, etc.) and then try to cycle through slider – nothing happens.

When I try to create icons or small thumbnails on dynamic page that are clicked to (dynamically) access Image 002, Image 003, Image 004, etc. it only opens a completely separate URL page with the full image displayed.

Is there a way to code for this – or do I have to create 100 individual product pages to make this happen?

Greatly appreciate your advice!