Tutorial: Award 50 Loyalty Points To Registered Users For Phone Number Verification

Video: https://youtu.be/TAZyBDTKHCI

This video explains how to create a custom registration form using Wix Members API and then award users with 50 points for verifying their phone number.

We used Twilio’s sms verification service to verify users phone number and the new Wix Loyalty API (which is still in developer preview)

You must install the Wix Loyalty Program App & a Wix Vertical like Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, etc in order for this example to work. Also make sure to activate your loyalty program using your Wix Site’s dashboard.


  • Use your live credentials from Twilio, sandbox credentials are not authorized to call the verify service

  • Explained later on in the video, instead of Wix CRM’s event we will depend on Wix Loyalty API’s event to save the Loyalty ID in conjunction with the Contact ID. This is because once the Loyalty program is fully active the site automatically creates a Loyalty ID for the Contact so calling the createAccount() function will return an error

  • For this example to work we are currently depending on the logic that Wix has, which is if a site member registers for the first time (with no prior interaction with the site before as far as giving out the email goes) then the Contact ID & Member ID are the same

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Thank you so much for sharing this with the community Shan!

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