Updating custom CRM fields with user input

wix forms seems to support custom CRM fields, and can properly map to them, but in practice the custom fields do not seem to update via form submission. I think this has been acknowledged as a current bug in wix-forms.

I know the answer is to use custom code to call getContact( ) in crm-backend, but I’m at a loss as to the practical implementation here.

Target goals:

  • Provide a members-area form to manually submit data which will be inserted into the member’s CRM custom fields.
  • If this data already exists, populate it as the example text in the form for the user to update.

Hi! My name is Jack and I am from Ukraine.

Recently wix stopped supporting there old editor, and so make a new one public to most of the community on wix.

This broke lots of websites and code and made it harder to fix them in some cases. Also, if you used editor X, (don’t switch, I don’t recommend it), some code might have also broke because betas can be very, very unstable.

Wix continues to fully support the Wix Classic Editor.