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I’m trying to implement a document Upload Button. If I try uploading a .DOC it works fine. If I try uploading an MP3, I get an UNDEFINED ERROR. If I try uploading a ZIP file, the system just hangs and doesn’t return at all. Is there a file type limitation? What are the allowed file types? The file I tried to upload are all < 5MB.


You can upload documents, as it’s mentioned in description… These:

These are types of documents which can be used in our media storage

As for image - only images

Hi and thanks for your prompt reply. When do ou expect to allow for other document types to be uploaded?

I have connect the upload button to a database and submit successfully. But I can not open the PDF and DOC file in database. Do you have ideas where I can download the files in WIx database?

You can export your DB collection data using the export button or export it using code as explained here .
As for the files URLs, you can convert it using the following JS code:

const convertRegex = new RegExp(/wix:document:\/\/v1\/([^\/]+)\/(.*)$/);
//Instead of "fieldName", add here the relevant field name to which 
//the Doc was uploaded to 
const matches = item.fieldName.match(convertRegex);
const documentUrl = `docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/${matches[1]}?dn=${matches[2]}`; 

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Hi I have a page with a table view connect to a dataset (“AFFILIATI” set in read & write mode) and above the same fields (every input field linked to field database).
One field named “DOCUMENT LOADED” is a document type field; i have used a Upload field input to upload a field into database.
When i click on table view record, the fields above show and allow to edit the record, but if i have loaded a document , how I could show that there is a document loaded ?

Second question; in the table I have a reference field named “SPONSOR” linked to another table sponsor.
In the input form this works properly (the data set is set write only modality) → I must select the list value and press submit button to append new record to database.
But in the page with table view and input field, used to view and edit data , this field remain empty (don’t show the value of table view record selected)… any suggestion ?