Database Collection, uploading Images or Documents

Hi! I´m doing my first practices with Wix Code.
I make a database collection and I´m having problems with the Images or Documents. Everything works well, but the images or documents does not appear in the database and it seems that they doesn’t upload to the Image or documents repository…
I so all the videos and tutorial and it seems that I´m doing all the steps well.
Anyone that have the same problem and have a solution?

Could you please share the live site URL. We will take a look.


Hey there,

I have the same issue as Ignacio Sales. The upload button doesn’t actually upload to the database collections, here is mine as well:

P.S. The website is mostly blank at the moment for a reason but you can use the tabs at the top

Hi Jason & Ignacio, Did you place any code to connect the upload button to the dataset. Soon you will be able to connect the upload button the way you connect other components to the dataset but for now you will need to do some coding. See$w.UploadButton.html#startUpload

Thanks Shay! How soon will the connect database will be available? So I see if I wait or I try to do the Coding to the button. Thnks!

Ignacio and Jason, I was having the same issue and was able to connect with the code provided. Check each of your elements names carefully to input them in the code properly. Unfortunately, I still cannot get my practice database to do what I want it to do: upload text (works) and photos (doesn’t work) to database and place these fields onto a dynamic page: child’s name, parent name, photo description, and photo. I’ll report back if I get it working, probably sometime after tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’ve been fiddling around w/the code and updating to the fields to match accordingly with the code but it’s just never working and I think I am doing something wrong or missing a step. I’ve continued the conversation here and uploaded some picture right here:

I’m very curious to when the upload button will work (estimated time frame) :slight_smile:

I’ll give the picture of the code here:

You can now connect the upload button without code !. Check https ://

Excellent Shay!! Thanks a lot, and congrats for the speed with the solution!!

Shay, the Photo button now works perfect!, but what about the DOCUMENT BUTTON? I can’t create a field in my database that accepts an Archive or Document… Only a photos.
Any tip? I need users to upload photos and/or Documents.
Thnks a lot!!

Hi Ignacio
You can now add documents to your collections! check