URL Case-sensitive Dynamic Pages

Hey there,

Wix is giving me 404 not found when the first letter of the data collection is in a small case, and not in capital.

That will hurt my SEO moving forward, what can I do? I mean URLs should not be case sensitive, right?


In general, domain names are case insensitive, and the rest of the URL is case sensitive.
At the moment it is not possible to control this behavior

Then why can’t we create two pages… one with caps and one without. You made it so anytime we have any promotion we lose 2/3 of the clicks. Does that make any sense?!

You say it’s case sensitive and yet .com/Apple and .com/apple can’t be registered as separate pages!

any updates on this? any fix?

Would also like to hear if there’s an update on this. Visitors are getting confused about how to access page when typing in URL. Makes website less accessible for persons with disabilities or less tech savvy folks.

Dynamic pages are not case-sensitive: “fields values are converted into lowercase and your spaces are turned into dashes.” You can read more here .

Try redirect, for example. You expect the customer to type in “/ABC” but your site is “/abc” just create a redirect following the following instruction.


you can create as many as you want, like…redirect “/Abc” “/aBc” “/abC” all to the “/abc”

I tried doing this but got an error saying that creating this redirect will create a loop