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Does anyone know how to allow a link provided in the URL field type to open in the same page as opposed to having it open in a new window?

Hi Juanita,

Are you referring to a table? If so, select the table > Settings > and under ‘Links open in’ select ‘Current Window’

Thanks, Ido! I was referring to the links in the URL Field inside a database. Screenshot below:

Whenever binding the relevant element with the collection, you can set whether the link should be opened in the same tab or a new tab (as demonstrated by Ido ).


Hello! Thanks for your feedback. I know how to achieve this when the data is connected to a table, but in this case, my data is connected to a Repeater. I don’t see the option to open the link in the same tab. Do you know if I’m missing something?

You can use Rich Text to customize and add links to the text components. Then, when binding the text element to the Rich Text field, it will open the link when clicking on it. Note the following:

  • External links: In this case, the link URL should start with " http:// " or " https:// " (meaning, URLs that start with " www " won’t work). Once a site visitor clicks on the text element, the URL will be opened on a new tab.

  • Linking to a page within your site: In this case, you can link it to " /pageName " and it will be opened on the same tab.

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I’m SO excited!!! I found this fix in another thread:
$w.onReady(function () {
$w(“#element1”).target = “_self”;
$w(“#element2”).target = “_self”;
$w(“#element3”).target = “_self”;

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The page link feature within rich text saved me. This after 2 days of looking for a way to open in the same tab just using a data base and a repeater. I had to give up on linking a photo though. Having this option to have links back to site pages on the same tab should be a feature available across all linking features. Why oh why can’t you link to the same tab from a URL field in a database? ( without doing any code )