Use same pages and repeaters to other pages.

Could someone explain to a newbie like me if its possible to use the page titels and its content as well as one repeater to other pages? My client wants to choose between 3 website att differs in design just. Thanks / Sharon

Hi Sharon:

I think you are asking if it is possible to duplicate pages on a site so you can adjust the design on each?

If this si not your question I apologise for giving you the wrong answer!

If you want to duplicate a page simply select the Menus and Pages option at the top right hand side of the Wix Editor and choose the page you need to duplicate. Then click on the (…) icon at the end of the page name . You should see a duplicate option that you can use to duplicate the page. Here is a screen shot for you.

Thanks stcroppe. I meant to copy to whole thing to a different site made from wix. Is that possible?

Hi Sharon

You can duplicate the Site from your dashboard. If you go to mySites and select Quick Actions in the top left of the site tile you get a drop down with Duplicate Site as an option…

You cannot cut and paste pages between sites though.

Hopefully this is helpful.

Thank you! That helped!

Thanks Sharon. Can you make this the top comment if it answers your question?