User's dropdown selection

Hi, is it possible to let the dropdown input selection only valid for 1 times select by a single user, for example , my dropdown is A,B,C,D . and the user select A and submit the form, the after he submit and in the same day when user select in dropdown is only showing B,C,D , and refresh for every day. Is it possible for this function?

Yes, you would have to load the dropdown in code and store the values already chosen in a collection.

Like Anthony mentioned already, you will have to populate your dropdown again, after a choice was maden.

Populating Dropdown → Filling with new options…$w/dropdown/options

can i have some example of it ? cause i not very understanding for this code

You should first try to generate some own code, by following the API-examples (given in the link).

And then, when you do have generated some code and still have issues, then simply show your generated code and ask your question.