Several dropdown lists with same options. Want to limit other dropdowns based selection.

Hi, I have several dropdowns with the same items on the list. I am trying to make people pick 1 item per dropdown, but these can not be repeated. I am looking for a way to either:
1- Modify each dropdown based on previous selections. (seems difficult). Or…
2- Give an error/message when saving selections that states that user has selected an item more than once, cannot duplicate items, etc. I tried looking into the validation code but I cant figure anything out from that.

Please help! Regards, Jose


Can you share a bit of details about your Site? For example, how are your dropdown options populated? Have you defined them in Dropdown settings, Code, or are they data-bound to some collection? Thanks!

Hi, they are defined in Dropdown settings, no code or connected to a collection.

Each dropdown has teams and a user would have to choose a team for each dropdown but can not choose the same one twice. So I need some way to identify what a user has chosen in each dropdown and make sure it is not duplicated.