Using PDF documents with database

I am the admin for our funeral database which includes:

(text field) Name of Deceased,
(Date field) Date of Deceased Notification
(text field) Case Number,
(image field) Image of the notification, an
(not sure, but tried document & text), please clarify) PDF file of when the funereal ceremony will be held.

The PDF document is really the only legal requirement to be posted, but it doesn’t work.

Something is missing here, as every other consideration on a particular row works except for the PDF file showing (either as a document image I can link -or- as a PDF opening when selected, I don’t care).

A previous explanation made no sense as the database collection item )PDF column) won’t even show when I try to add it.

For these issues, please provide a step by step of what/where/how to get this database correct. The need to get this information out to the survivors is urgent. THANK YOU.

Nothing is showing as you have nothing to show in that field for it. Try adding some pdf files to your dataset and then test it again to see if you can see the pdf field in your table.

GWhiskey - Thanks for your rapid reply, but still no joy.

I followed your instructions and attached helper files (or at least I think so) to a T. Here are a few issues:

When I connect table to database, the NOTIFICATION PDF doesn’t show on my table (in editor). I also tried to CONNECT DATABASE but the item NOTIFICATION PDF is grayed out. I also tried to ADD A COLUMN in the CONNECT DATABASE pup up, but NOTIFICATION PDF column doesn’t even show (so nothing to gray out). Some stupid thing is missing here … and now, more than ever I NEED A WHISKEY.

There’s something amiss .


What are your dataset modes setup as, if read only then try changing it to read and write, also check your permissions too.

OK, as current - I must have missed your advice to put an entry into a column or it won’t show - I changed the VIEW NOTIFICATION to text field and added ‘Test X’ stepping ‘X’ for 1,2,3, etc and they all show.
Now I will try to tackle the origianl problem using your steps to load a PDF file. I’m goin’ in.-wish me luck

GWhiskey - OK, “step by step, inch by inch, slowly I turn” … and discover

Everything appears fine except this last little issue.

I need to show the actual PDF document (or it’s icon, which can be clicked to view). I’ve linked as shown in the example, but when it comes to TITLE DOCUMENT LINKS TO : There is no PDF DOCUMENT as shown in the example. How would I get that to show PDF DOCUMENT?
Cheers (I think)

It is there apart from if you use documents then it will just download the file to the users device when they click on it, that is why you just see the documents location.
Click the dropdown and select what you want the items in that column to link to. You can add a link to a dynamic page or to a URL or document field in your collection. If you link to a document field, when your visitor clicks the link, the file will download to their device.

You might find it easier to just have that field connected to an image field that simply shows the pdf icon and have the link connect to the url of the page that shows the pdf file.

Yes this is more work, however it will make it workable for you in the long run.

Another option is to use the table master app instead of just a table, so that you can have more control over things like setting links from fields etc.

Hello there. I have exactly the same issue, I’m holding PDF files on a collection in a ‘document’ field, but can’t find a way to display them on a page. No type of field on the page will connect to a ‘document’ database item.
Did you ever find a solution to this?

I did, but my website account cancelled 3 months ago … LOL. If I recall, go to the extra free WIX APPS (or whatever they are called now) and look for the PDF READER file. When you place the PDF reader template on your page, it will open up a sample. Go to it’s interactive file and replace it with the PDF you want displayed. After that it is sizeable, but I usually went FULL page with it as some of my PDF’s were humongous. Good luck.

Many thanks for your help, I’ll check it out.

EDITED - This is the way I did it now that I jarred my aging memory banks.

OH, wait. Reading deeper into your message and trying to recall how I did it…NO, though a database I could not directly have a PDF viewed and displayed. I’m great at work-arounds and did one but frankly completely forgot how I did it. It was for military veteran funeral notices. The website is gone (it was stolen from me by fellow military vets - real nice guys). I’ll try to recollect what I did.

Column 1 was the Vet’s name
Column 2 was the PDF’s Notice of Burial number
Column 3 was an image of the Vet.
Column 4 was the particular PDF Notice, but not displayable… If you clicked on the PDF Notice, it would then open up as a normal PDF would through WIX. This was a great workaround, but I can’t give you any more details and can’t show you an example because of the theft of my property…darn it. It works good though and the actual PDF is only a click away.

Best of luck. Any other questions, I’ll try to jog this almost 70 year old memory bank.

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That’s great, the important thing is to know that it can be done, then it’s just a matter of working at it. Many thanks - for that and for your service.