Velo API Reference add Login/sign-up Error Codes

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Wix Members API login/sign-up error codes to be added to the Velo Reference Library

What current pain point are you facing?

When creating our own register/login flows for sites, we have to manually work out what the error codes are associated with. For example Code: -19973 means wrong password etc. There is no support article or Velo API Reference (that I have found) to indicate what each error code means.

Do you have a current workaround that you’re using?

I have created scenarios and marked each error code down for personal use. I know I don’t have every code on my sheet.

Describe the feature you need and how it would work. (Bonus points for mockups :wink:)

Would love for the error codes to be included in the wix-members-frontend / authentication section in the Velo API Reference Library with every possible code and a short description of what the code means, so we can create custom messages to inform the user why they cannot log in for example. i.e. ‘awaiting approval’, ‘blocked user’, etc.

How will this impact you?

This will improve workflow for all devs and assist with improved and optimised UI/UX for custom login and sign-up processes. Also personally it will help me not have to find my cheat sheet every time I create a custom login/sign-up flow.


@SilvesterDesign Thanks for sharing! Definitely a great idea that could help others as well. At what point during you site creation process did you start creating your own code cheat sheet?

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Hi Pamela,
So sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

So I created the cheat sheet during the coding of the login/register flow and grabbed the code numbers when I generated the necessary errors.

Hope that makes sense?

Chris Silvester

Hey Chris!

It would be a great help for all other users if you could share the list of errors and their codes here on the forum until Wix officially posts it on the Velo reference docs.