Velo API Reference Bug Fixes (Feb 2021)

We fixed or updated APIs in the following areas: Editor Elements ($w), Data, Stores Backend, Secrets, Bookings, Window.
We just updated the API Reference to fix a few bugs. Here’s the list of recent changes.
To see every change in the API Reference, visit the Release Notes page.

We love hearing your feedback!
Lots of our bugs come from users like you and you can help us improve the docs by reporting them to us. You can report bugs and other feedback through these links found at the bottom of each page of our docs.

Editor Elements ($w)
KeyboardEvent doesn’t fire and onInput is not supported for RichTextBox elements.
Fixed : We removed a reference to the RichTextBox element from the KeyboardEvent documentation and added a note to onInput that it is not supported for RichTextBox elements.

The value property does not work with the Switch element.
Fixed : We added a note explaining that the value property doesn’t work with the Switch element and to use the checked property instead. We also added an example for using the checked property to set the Switch state.

The functionality for setting the options property changed.
Updated : Setting the options property no longer clears the value and selectedIndices of the selection tags. This allows users to add and reorder choices without clearing the visitor’s selection. Only values that no longer match the new options are cleared.

Setting value no longer lets the user set values that do not match any of the options.

The getSecret API does not require that you add a Members Area to your site.
Fixed : Removed a note that said you need the Members Area

The slot ID parameter was incorrectly described.
Fixed : We changed slot_id to slotId

We incorrectly stated that the function returns an array.
Fixed : We state that the function returns a Promise that resolves to an array.

Fixed : We clarified that cancelOrder throws an error when Allow Plan Cancellation is set to False in the Dashboard.

In cases where the site visitor’s browser is set to not detect locale, the promise does not resolve or reject.
Fixed : We added a note recommending using getCurrentGeolocation with a setTimeout to handle the unresolved Promise.

Fixed : We added a note that the beforeInsert and afterInsert hooks run when data is imported to either Live or Sandbox collections.

queryReferenced only works on multiple-item reference fields .
Fixed : We added a note that you can only use the queryReferenced() function with multiple-item reference fields , and not with single-item (regular) reference fields.

formattedPrice and formattedDiscountedPrice are read-only

Fixed : We removed a reference to formattedPrice and formattedDiscountedPrice fields from the reference.

Thank you!!!

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Yeah, also already saw the changes! Nice work!

Perhaps also try to fix this issue here… ???

From my experience, it is not possible (currently) to change the background color of the button on hover with Velo

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@ivan-terechin you don’t need to code this. If you use one of the newer buttons they have hover interactions- just set it in the editor.

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Hi @russian-dima ,

Can you use the reporting mechanism in the ref that we mention at the top of this post? Otherwise it’s hard to work with multiple reporting streams to keep track of our bugs.

Thanks - Jeff

Thanks for the info. I reported the bug.

The color-change is needed to be done by code (not setted-up manually in the wix-ui).