Vertical menu only on a part of the page

I have a page talking about my products in general and below the single products.
I would like to add a vertical menu for the product section only. How can I setup the vertical menu for a part of the page only? The products are build out of single sections. I would like to define for which sections the vertical menu is visible and fixed on that part of the page.
Is that possible?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Share screenshot of your page and mark the place where you want the menu to stop scrolling down.

Hi Matanya, as you can see on the screenshot the vertical menu should start in the middle of the page and end before the footer.

You can add Vertical section on the left and put the menu there as Sticky .
Note that the height of the Vertical section can be controlled by dragging it from top or bottom.

Thank you Matanya! Will try that :blush:

If you do not succeed, tell me and I will try to explain better