Video into Pro Gallery not running

Hi all,

I have this small code to retrieve videos from a colletion, but it doesn’t work! Sometimes it changes the gallery items, sometimes not. When It changes, the video doesn’t run (see image below)!

import wixData from ‘wix-data’

$w.onReady( function () {

wixData.query(“Portfolio”).find().then(result => {
let portfolio = result.items
let displayedPortfolio = portfolio.filter(item => item.type=== ‘video’) //I have this field in my colletion
$w(“#gallery2”).items = => {
return {
type: ‘video’,
slug: ‘’,
src:, //this field points to a video
description: ‘’,
title: item.title,
link: ‘’,
thumbnail: ‘’

The video do not run (it is always ‘loading’).


Hi! Do you have any ideia of what is going on here?

Best regards!

This appears to be a question related to the Pro Gallery and not Wix Code. I would suggest that you contact the Wix support team , as they will be better equipped to address this subject.

Lol. They said the same… to bring this issue to wix code forum.

I’m glad you’re laughing. :upside_down_face:

It really seems like a Pro Gallery issue to me, but just in case I’m being stupid, post the Editor URL of your site and I’ll take a look. At least that’ll give me a better understanding of things.

Hey there

I’m current running into the same issue where the video just does not run. I’m even giving it an easy way into the gallery by grabbing the video from a strip which has the same video running on the background of it.

Since the onItemClicked of the gallery also doesn’t work and hasn’t been working (already made a topic for this last year, but still no fix for it.) I also just can’t place a video element over it and fake it.

So @yisrael-wix , has there been any update on this?

With kind regards,