Video link/embed via data collection?

Hi there, can I link videos from vimeo to dynamic pages via the data collections? think of a dynamic page for projects. there are texts, image galleries… and I also have lots of videos. So far I only found a direct upload, but haven’t figured out a way to dynamically embed videos into the dynamic pages via an Vimeo URL. Can anyone help? cheers! A.

just wondering why there’s no answer… is this such an exotic request? Not possible? Hello EditorX Staff?


Yes you can use vimeo videos on a dynamic page,
what you need to do is add a single video player component to your dynamic page, then go to the collection thats connected to that dynamic page, there you can add a field, with a field type of “url”. in this fields you will enter the urls of the vimeo videos, then connect the single player video source to that field.

here is a short video of the process:

Hope this helps.

great! thank you Ido!

Hi, is there also an option to get rid of the black bars? thank you


you can unstretch the video so it does not stretch across the cell,
resize it manually to a point where the bars do not appear, make sure that min height is set to none and that the width is in percentage and set to scale proportionally.


ok, thank you!