Warning! Wix scam emails!!!

Hello wix users,

THIS is not a tutorial or an example like I usually do. This is a SCAM warning.

If you get this email (image below) do not click on the link directly. right click (or long press if on mobile) to copy link address then go to icognito mode and then open the link. This method prevents the link from downloading malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware and maybe even keyloggers.

Scam message in quote:


We are sorry to inform you that the account operation has been suspended, there was an error that occurred while trying to update account information. Immediate action is required of you in order for the account to continue operation, failure might result in the permanent closure of account.


Best regards,

How did I know this is a scam?

1. Unofficial design

If you get a wix email it usually centered (floated to the middle) but this email is floated to the left also the logo is way too blurry that it doesn’t look real or maybe it could be some random pictures from the internet coded in html and sent to random wix users

2. Unofficial email

Wix emails are usually this: “wix-team@emails.wix.com” but this time it’s some wierd ass looking email address “info@cbabuild.com” sent with an unknown server “sendinblue.com” . And wix doesn’t have a third party server for sending emails. I think. They send without a “via” at the end of an address

3. Links you to an an unknown address

After 2 years of using wix, never in this colossal planet will wix or any of wix services take you to this indian looking scam URLs that still redirects you to another even more unnatural URL. I won’t put it here to prevent ‘inexperienced’ computer users from falling for the scam. So be careful while clicking on your links. A base wix URL will rarely ever leave wix.com

Tips : For faster method of checking URLs, If if you hover over a button, google already shows you where the URL should link at the bottom left, just as the same way of a tool-tip

If you can prove me wrong please do so. I’m not 100% sure this is a scam but I’m truly confident with all these evidence which I believe is well analyzed

If you’ve received this email before now or even if you receive it in the future and you find any more proof that it’s scam please email me at nzubefootballer@gmail.com and I’ll add that to this

DJ bon26

Hi DJbon26,
Thanks so much for looking out for the community! :slight_smile: A lot of people fall for these scams, but with your detailed outline, you’re teaching users how to distinguish posers from official Wix emails.
For those who don’t know, you can alert Wix of these scammers by forwarding the emails to reportphishing@wix.com .
Thanks again!

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