We want to be able to see submitted application form as PDF in a email to us, not just put in the datasheet.

What I would really like is to capture a PDF of the application that has been completed and then have it sent both to myself and to applicant. Ideally this would happen seamlessly when the applicant pushes the submit button and the application is accepted. I know that there are APIs that have the capability to convert HTML into PDF. Is this something that can be integrated into the code of a dynamic page on WIX, and if so are there instructions on how to do so anywhere?

User webMerge Api

At 82 years old I designed our website and more…this is beyond me. Do you know where I could find someone to do this for us? We are a non profit organization, but are willing to pay. Our current system takes up too much valuable time. contact me through www.petassistanceinc.org

@getapet The set up in terms of code and everything is’t too much, I can create that for you, however Webmerge is a bit pricey, however if you get a good rate and you set up an account, let me know and I will set up everything for you. PDFfiller it’s another option, seems cheaper you can get it from $6 per month;

@carlosgalvarez I got in touch with Webmerge. They were as nice to deal with as WIX. They are
sure they can fill my needs and that is where I need you. They offer a one month free trial and have a very affordable price for non profits. How could I send you what they sent me, etc? and what is the best way for me to communicate with you? i can always be reached through my WIX website www.petassistanceinc.org. I don’t know if I need to design the entire application that i just did for WIX all over again and use one of their templates. That’s where you come in. You can reach me directly at getapet@gmail.com if need be. RUTH

Please get back to me…I need your help fixing our application process. RUTH