Webflow templates and libaries

Hi Peeps,

I think Studio is taking big steps and I’m starting to really like it.

I’m also looking at webflow, which offcourse works differently.

However, the marketplace of webflow is awesome for creators.

Does anybody know when studio will roll out their marketplace for templates, or the libaries that webflow also is pushing now?


@Stijn_Buijsrogge Hello! Thank you for the post. As of now, Wix Blocks lets you create apps for Wix sites (simple widget layouts or even full-fledged interactive web components). You can publish and offer or sell your app in the app market. More information here: Wix Blocks
As far as templates, we do have a current feature request to be able to sell custom built templates: Wix Studio Request: Selling Your Custom Templates There is not yet an ETA on when that would be available, so be sure to submit your vote for it, and you’ll be notified once it’s available!

Do you currently sell your own templates in the Webflow Marketplace? What else do you like about their marketplace that you would hope to see in Wix? I’d love to pass on the feedback to my team!