Webshop products dollar exchange rates


I’m using the webshop of WIX. We’re selling products in Europa (so in euro not dollars).
We also are reseller of products from the USA. The problem is that the exchange rates of the dollar to euro are changing every day.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem? our webshop counts about 200 products. Of which 50 products with dollar rate. I thought to download CSV file of those products and to change the prices with a calculation via excel. But when I download CSV file from my WIX product page I can not get into a decent system here. Everything is mixed up. Please help with this problem. Have been looking for solutions for a while but do not get it right; And is very important to us. The manual input of all cost prices per day is impossible. The exchange rate also changes the selling price every day. If I have to upload the CSV file every day, it would save a lot of work. Or maybe there is another solution?

Joris S.
TVV Sound Project

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