Website Design Question

Hello, I am designing a website for my business that I plan to share with a second business I partner with. I have listed below what I am trying to do. I hope someone can help explain to me if this is possible and how to do it:

  1. Would there be a way to access a homepage (on my newly created site) that would have two buttons with the name of each company posted prior to accessing the website’s features?

1a. When you choose either option on the “homepage” and you get sent to the appropriate section of the website, can there be a button that is linked to either the “homepage” or to the other section of the website in case people pick the wrong option by mistake?

Both of these questions are explained below:

This is the “homepage” idea I have, when you type in the website name, , you would get sent here:

From here you can choose either of the options in the blue boxes to be sent in the right direction.

From there you would see appropriate features based on the two different agency sites.
In addition to this, when you are in the Soil and Water Conservation District section of the website or the Storm Water Management Coaliation (MS4) section, I would like a button that would either return people to the homepage or to the other section (SWCD to MS4 or vice versa).

Here is a flow chart I designed that I hope will help explain myself:

Help with this would be appreciated. Thank You.

Yes very easy to do, place a button on your homepage, click on it in the editor and choose set link, set the link to your subpage.

Do the same for your subpage to link to your homepage.

Thank You. I will do that. If I have any other questions about this, I will be sure to ask them here.

Hi again. Do I need a Premium or Business Plan from Wix to be able to do what I suggested above?



@mikemoynihan99 Thank You.