What are your needs of a LMS (Learning mgt system)?

I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about LMS (Learning mgt systems). This is really interesting - For those who have experience, what are some of your needs? What are you looking for in this sort of solution? Can you maybe elaborate on what your use-case is?


For example:
I want to create a service for students. When a student has a question, they can submit it on the site. When they click submit, the question should popup on the Teachers dashboard immediately. The key feature is, I need the question to pop-up on the teachers dashboard IMMEDIATELY without the teacher having to refresh the page or click anything. If there are multiple teachers online at one time, they should all be able to respond. (This is sort of comparable to a ticketing system or support system, like Wix Support). When the question pop-ups on the teachers dashboard, they should be able to see the full question, and see which student submitted the question, as well replying directly from the page.


Thanks for this feedback, Jose!

data analyzing!!! it is too difficult to build… :frowning:

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looking for wix providing api connect database to bar chart/ pie chart/ line chart, etc!!

well i don’t see any LMS in wix they be like use groups or use forums and thats what i am planning to go for but still if you post a homework they cannot upload it privately because they only can replay in a comment which is visible to everyone why is that because the file sharing app is lacking privacy and alot of things actually so we need a LMS maybe something called class rooms similar to forums or groups which we can call it class rooms and from inside it looks a little bit close to google classrooms its not a big deal just small basics where you can upload files privately and share questions we can also add a grade system, i have no idea why wix is lacking all of this we really need someone to help us alot of eyes gonna be on wix if this is happening.
good luck man ^^