What happened to convert to WebP?

Hey all,

Earlier I read in this article by EditorX that it automatically converts JPG/PNG into WebP (which is great!). However, I noticed that this isn’t actually happening. Images remain the same file format, with sometimes good results, sometimes not so good (especially on transparent PNGs).

Editor X automatically converts both JPG and PNG images into Google’s new WebP image format, for browsers that support it. This results in an up to 20% download size reduction. For this reason, there’s no need to do this conversion yourself.

Does anyone know why this conversion is not happening anymore? Is it perhaps a setting somewhere that I might have missed?

Curious to learn more!

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I just tried with a website that I have created in Editor X, and the images are showing up in WebP format.

Did you check if in the image or gallery options you have the WebP conversion option enabled?

Yeah, the gallery works fine with that feature, as it has an explicit option to tell it so.
But the images outside of a gallery (by using the Media > Single images option) are not automatically converting.

Is that the same for you?

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I understand. If it works for me in individual images, images in repeaters, and in the gallery.

Have you contacted support yet?

Thanks for checking! I will ask support

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I have the same problem with single images, they are not converted to webp. Habe you found a solution?

I stopped looking into it as I ended up converting images myself manually. WebP for everything isnt necessary the best way to go for everything, so making the decisions per image myself ended up being better.