What is the new logic for the 'verify your email' prompt automatically sent by Wix even if settings are turned off via Wix Dashboard?

Question for the Devs or for anyone here that knows:

BEFORE … Wix would automatically trigger a ‘verify your email’ to any person attempting to register as a new member WHEN their email address already existed in the site’s Contact List (before registration).

NOW … I cannot figure out what the new logic is because while I am trying to test a custom registration / assignRole function my code gets interrupted by the random ‘verify your email’ prompt (even though the site does not have this setting ‘on’ AND even though the email address does not already exist in the site’s Contact List)

So … what is the new logic?

With testing or with real visitors trying to register on this site right now ---- the ‘verify your email’ prompt will continue to break the custom code because there is no way to prevent it.

What’s the point of the site settings if we cannot decide or control WHEN to trigger the ‘verify your email’ prompt?


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Hey Nayeli, how’s life? I do not use triggered emails myself, but I seem to remember that this only happens if you do it from the frontend. If you do it from the backend, flow is not broken. Could that be it?

In my experience it will always send the verification email when the email already exists in the CRM it will send. Otherwise this is an issue I have had to deal with as well. To work around it I had to add permissions to the person after then visited a page instead of when they signed up which is a pain.

:blush: Hey @giri-zano

So, I am not using triggered emails. The email in question is the automated one that Wix sends out. Each time Wix sends out a ‘verify your email’ notification to the person attempting to sign up ---- the code fails to continue on to the next ‘step’.

So the .register code is running in the front end and the .roles code is in the back end.

What you are saying is if I move my entire code to the backend even if the ‘verify your email’ prompt is sent out, it will not break the flow of the rest of the code?

The scenario is this:

User registers for a new account
Based on their user type selected from a dropdown element
User gets assigned a role

I know, for a fact, that if a user email already exists in the Wix CRM it will definitely send out the ‘verify your email’ notification. So I used an email that did NOT exist in the CRM and I still received the ‘verify your email’ notification.

In a perfect world, my client wants to remove the ‘verify your email’ notification prompt AND the ‘verify you are not a robot’ prompt. It cannot be customized. It does not match his branding. And he simply does not want it on his website. Right now those two things are out of our control so he is wanting to move his website to a different platform and just install MemberSpace.