Where is the documentation on Velo for Pre-order?

Where is the documentation on Velo for Pre-orders?

For custom product pages, when the product falls into pre-order, where is the documentation on Velo to work with the pre-order component?

To be clear, I want to know the pre-order documentation (when stock is on 0) and not the add-to-cart.

I’d appreciate any help with this. I couldn’t find any documentation.

Does anyone know if this is even possible?

I couldn’t find any information on working with Velo pre-orders, is this possible? I mean pre-orders is just a component within the Wix eCommerce that clients set as active all the time, but there is no information on the Velo documentation about it.

Hello guys, anyone can help with this? I just want to know where is the documentation for the pre-order Velo API?

Hello, I’ve asked this question almost a month ago. Can anyone from Velo answer it? where is the documentation for the Velo API pre-order?

My understanding is that there is no API. I’m having the same problem. I hired a developer to create a custom product page not knowing that I would then have no pre-order functionality. Did you find a solution? Are you my developer?

That is correct, unfortunately, Wix has no Pre-Order API.

How did you manage to work around this?

If you use the Wix checkout, you must ignore inventory set a flag for pre-order, and then program it.


You can track inventory and create a custom solution with Stripe to have flexibility in terms of inventory. You will need an API to consume and also an API to expose your backend so Stripe can send data back to your backend.

Is the Stripe solution something you’ve done for clients in the past?

Is it possible to get any feedback on this API issue from the Wix team? @anthony

Are you saying that pre-orders don’t appear in events like https://dev.wix.com/docs/velo/api-reference/wix-stores-v2/events/on-orders-order-paid ?

If so and pre-order items are entirely missing and you want this feature / their inclusion then you can request this feature on the product roadmap and share it for others to vote on: Product Roadmap

Pre-Order must be an API so the front end of a custom product page can control it, to define a logic. An event with a pre-order is useless. Because if you want to create a custom product page interface an event is not going to deliver data unless previously the Wix product page interface prepares the product. This is not intended.

So as you mentioned, this is a feature request, no more to say. Thank you for the advice.

There’s nothing on the page you linked? I can certainly request the feature on the other link you sent, I’m just curious if you’ve ever heard of this issue before - that once a custom product page is created, the pre-order functionality no longer works because of the lack of API?

I’ve not. Sounds like the best path forward is a feature request. I’ll also share internally.

Thanks very much for the quick replies and for sharing!

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I don’t see a way to request that feature.

Try this. You’ll see the button if you have signed up for Studio.

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