Why do we have templates for sites that are prohibited for Wix Payments?

I’ve been looking through the Wix templates and the Wix Payments prohibited list recently, and noticed that (as far as I can see), there is only one group that has remade templates on Wix, but is then prohibited for Wix Payments.

The group that I am talking about is Charities/Non-profits.

While, from my understanding, Charities/Non-profits are able to build a site on Wix, they are not able to accept payments through Wix directly.

I understand that the templates don’t have the function to use Wix Payments in them, they have something like ‘Donate in person’ or ‘Bank Transfer’, I find it a little counterintuitive to have templates for a group that won’t be able to utilise all of Wix tools.

Charities/Non-profits often use Wix because it is simple for them to use, especially when Wix has partnered with Charity Digital to provide a discount on the hosting for 2 years.

I would love to see Wix Payments open for charities (perhaps even making them exempt from the processing fee)