Why the Quick Action Bar is a Game Changer

latest project for dentist in the area.

Hands down WIX has the best system for any business who provides a service.


Okay. You got skillzzzzzzzzzzzz bro!!!

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Wait till you see what I got cooking, MINDBLOWING #WIXCODE :O, I will be documenting the journey via a YouTube series staring myself as I bring you along the whole development process, Business Model, and stunning out-come of the final launch.

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Hi, I’m the product manager of the mobile.
Happy you find the QAB useful!
Share with me your thought about features missing in this product :slight_smile:

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Idan - The quick action bar needs to have the ability to allow custom icons that we select. I’d love to connect with you sometime. Feel free to message me on Facebook - I have a ton of awesome insights as your QAB is being used by some of my bigger clients.