How to get this mobile tool?

The quick action bar here seems a little different from the WIX’s native one or is it an update I am not aware of. On clicking that portion, the toggles appear and hides in a satisfying way. Is it a paid app or something? Anyone who could help me achieve this please?

I believe this is a legacy bar - meaning, if you have it installed it will remain, but it’s no longer available to install on your site. The new bar has a lot more options and flexibility.

Sad. I like the fact that it can stay out of the screen and only show/hide the Icons when clicked on the notch like portion.

You can do that with the current one also - there just isn’t that gradient notch. It’s an expansion arrow.

Relly.? Didn’t pay much attention. Gona check out. Thanks Brett.

Hey Brett. Checked many times but I didn’t find what you mentioned as " expansion arrow". Would be grateful if you could throw in a screen cast or sorts. thanks!