Why wix-config-backend is missing?

I’m using this feature which is REALLY useful for people that have lots of sites and share code between all sites. And for some reason, this core feature is not working.
Being able to add a config file per site to configure API keys, special characters, languages etc etc is crucial to this.
Is this module gone? it’s a bug? It’s talked about in the official tutorial when using wix-blocks but it’s simple imposible to find anything about it anywhere else.

I would really appreciate help with this.

I saw this in the tutorial too and was trying to test it but it’s nowhere to be found in the API Doc. Nothing about whether it’s been deprecated or not.

Thanks for reporting. The team is aware of the issue, and I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update from them.

The wix-configs-backend module is now available here: