New feature: Create your own reusable code packages

No more copy-paste - we’re excited to announce that from now, in addition to the Velo Packages built by Wix you can package your own code and reuse it across your sites.

This provides you with the ability to write specific functionality and use it across multiple sites. Note that the packages you create are private and only appear in the Package Manager when you are logged in.

To get started, go to the Velo Sidebar , select Packages and choose Create a Package .

Check out this video tutorial or Learn more .

Can’t access Blocks Editor from Velo tab on regular editor. It always keeps the loading and nothing changes on the screen after going to velo files tab, then click on the plus icon to create my own package (get started button there).

there was a temporary issue that is now fixed, please let us know if you experience any issues.

Thank you. I will check that.

Unable tp save and build a package, when the save button is pressed, it keeps spinning and does nothing