Wix and SMS Integrations

Has anyone implemented a send SMS button with Wix Code?
If so, I’d love to hear which service was used, Zapier? Twilo? SMSGlobal? something else?
I’ve been trying with no success…
Maybe I’m doing something wrong…
I did succeed integrating with email services but not with SMS…

I have used Zapier to receive the data from Wix Code and then I just connected the clients Twilio Account into Zapier and used that for sending the SMS. Works like a charm.

Can you show your code?

I figuered it out… brilliantly… go here: https://www.zipwhip.com/clicktotext/ Scroll down Make a button (transparent) … then use the code in the iframe… and place the iframe over a button, or text or whatever you want people to press to open the SMS on your app (in mobile view)