Wix Arena: Become a Wix Expert

Hi Everyone,
For those of you who know code and already help others, you can join the Wix Arena—an online marketplace for talented designers and developers! Showcase your work, get leads and grow your business.

The new Wix Arena is expanding to include fun and challenging work for developers—from adding custom functionality to building robust websites for clients using Wix Code. It could be a landing page, portfolio, online store and more. Bring your knowledge, passion and coding skills to a thriving community of online professionals. You’re in charge of making your clients’ vision come to life.
How it works:

  1. You’ll receive requests directly from clients, or randomly if you fit a client’s needs.

  2. Review your requests and contact clients if you’re interested in the job.

  3. Set your own rates and work on the jobs you want.


Hi Idan,
Currently I get design offers, although I only give code services.
Is there any change with directing requests for coders?

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Hi Dafna, we will soon have the ability to send you only Code requests. I will keep you updated.

I am waiting for this
Thanks guys

Idan - am I allowed to use the wix arena logo on my site to show visitors I am part of the Wix Arena crew? = )

This is sort of the chicken and egg problem, because you must submit 6 PREMIUM sites. If I don’t get clients I can’t built sites, if I don’t have enough sites I can’t apply to Wix Arena.

Hello everyone. Who can tell me, is Wix compatible with bulk email senders? I read helper libraries but cannot find anything with compatibility with other systems.

Hey Stephan
You can use sendgrid to send to multiple recipients
You will need to install @sendgrid/mail
tutorial link i have created and working

document link to send multiple recipients

to: ['recipient1@example.org', 'recipient2@example.org'],